B.I. Spotted In Public For The First Time In Months, Made A Generous Donation

We missed him!

Former iKON member B.I was spotted in person for the first time since December 2019.

B.I delivered face masks, food, and underwear to a childcare facility in Yangpyeong-gun, Gyeonggi-do. He was pictured with fellow volunteers from the Global Company SBW Inc., a company that helped make the donation possible.

Park Myunghee, director of the “Shinwonwon” facility, expressed his gratitude towards the idol rapper.

I was having trouble supplying masks for the children and employees…

– Park Myunghee

This is not the first time B.I has volunteered in the childcare facility, previously visiting them in December 2019 to participate in their Christmas party.

B.I is pictured in a grey sweater.

iKONICs couldn’t help but commend B.I’s warmhearted gesture all the while happy to see him in person.

B.I has recently tested negative for drugs, ending the investigation on him.

B.I Tests Negative For Drugs, Investigation Is Over

Source: Naver