BIBI Proves That She Is A True ARMY, And Here’s The BTS Member She Dreams Of Collaborating With

Please make it happen ASAP!

K-Pop soloist BIBI has definitely caught the attention of fans with her eye-catching performance at 88rising‘s “Head In The Clouds 2021,” her appearance on the Marvel Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings OST, and her badass music. Despite taking the world by storm, BIBI recently showcased that she can be just as much of a fangirl.

BIBI | @nakedbibi/ Instagram

BIBI recently appeared alongside rapper Tiger JK in an interview for Rolling Stones Korea. During the video, they spoke about everything from their music tastes, friendship, and much more.

In particular, they spoke about collaborations, and Tiger JK revealed that because of BIBI’s voice and uniqueness, he really wanted to collaborate with her and American artist Erykah Badu. However, it was BIBI’s dream collaboration that caught the attention of fans.

Before Tiger JK could move onto another topic, BIBI whispered, “BTS…RM.” Tiger JK added that she really wanted to collaborate with BTS.

BIBI then explained the reasons she wants this collaboration so much, and her words seemed like it came from someone who is becoming a true ARMY.

I recently… I’m not the type of person to fall for someone. But I see them a lot these days on my screens. So at first, I just thought, ‘BTS is BTS,’ but it’s becoming more serious.


In particular, it seems as if RM is the main person she is interested in, adding, “This is pure fandom wanting to work with RM.

As someone who has known RM for a long time and even collaborated with him back in 2018 on the track “Timeless,” Tiger JK approved of this choice. He even showcased that RM is as much of a fan of BIBI as she is of him.

When BIBI’s song ‘Gambling should just be for fun, sir” got released, RM was the first person to send a support message. He said he liked her music and the MV.

— Tiger JK

Even though Tiger JK then added that it was that moment they should’ve done a collaboration, BIBI still had hope that RM was watching the video.

It also seems as if sending a message of support isn’t the only way RM’s shared his love for BIBI. In 2020, RM recommended BIBI’s track “Breathless” on their ‘What I’m Listening To’ playlist! After seeing it, BIBI couldn’t believe it and replied, “Is this real?

With both artists showing their love and support for each other, hopefully, a collaboration between the two will happen in the future because it would no doubt be epic.

Source: Rolling Stones Korea