BIBI Praises Girls’ Generation Hyoyeon’s Fierce Vibe

They’re both such fierce queens!

Girls’ Generation‘s Hyoyeon and BIBI reacted to their “Second” music video, and they couldn’t stop praising each other!

BIBI (left) and Girls’ Generation Hyoyeon (right) | @hyoyeon_x_x/Instagram

Before they started watching the video, Hyoyeon and BIBI confessed to each other that they love spending time together. BIBI said, “I love meeting you,” and Hyoyeon told her “I like meeting you, too.” 


As they watched their video, Hyoyeon and BIBI showered each other with compliments.

“So pretty!” | GIRLS’ GENERATION/YouTube
“She’s so talented!” | GIRLS’ GENERATION/YouTube

While watching the scene in which she wears a white lacy dress, Hyoyeon revealed that it’s been a while since she’s worn a dress like that. “Also, since debut, it’s been so long since I wore such a lacy dress like that,” she said.

BIBI agreed and mentioned that Hyoyeon dressed more fiercely during her “Dessert” comeback. However, she told Hyoyeon that her fierce vibe shone through even when she was wearing the lacy dress!

“But still, even with this lacy dress your aura shines through.” | GIRLS’ GENERATION/YouTube

BIBI compared Hyoyeon to a lion and a queen, which proves just how fierce she thinks Hyoyeon is!

“Like a lion, like a queen.” | GIRLS’ GENERATION/YouTube

We love to see queens supporting queens!

Check out Hyoyeon and BIBI’s full reaction to the “Second” music video below.


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