BIBI Shocks “Witch Hunt 2022” Panelists By Claiming There Are Two Types Of Couples In Korea When It Comes To Intimacy

“I think there are only two types of couples…”

Landmark variety program Witch Hunt is back, this time as Witch Hunt 2022, and it is not holding any punches.

The program, one of Korea’s first rated-R talk shows, has returned to streaming platform TVING starring host Shin Dong Yup and a new cast of panelists consisting of BIBI, Code Kunst, and Kim Eana.

Cast of Witch Hunt 2022 from top left: Shin Dong Yup, Eana Kim. From bottom left: Code Kunst, BIBI | TVING

The show was instrumental in ushering in an era of more honest and less conservative television shows in Korea, and the show didn’t waste any time reminding its viewers why.

In a recent episode, the cast of the show discussed how and when younger couples decide to become intimate. BIBI, who is the youngest cast member, revealed her thoughts.

I can’t represent everyone in their 20s, but I think there are only two types of couples, the couple who does it as soon as they are together, and the couple who are intimate before officially being exclusive.


BIBI revealed that there was even a slang term for those who prefer being intimate with a person before committing to a relationship, to which Shin Dong Yup and Eana Kim revealed their surprise.

Code Kunst backed BIBI’s statement up, saying many of his friends also prefer being intimate with a person before committing to a relationship.

Yeah, a lot of my friends prefer intimacy before being committing to a relationship.

— Code Kunst

It seems Korean dating trends favor the bold and honest! What are dating trends like in your country? Check out the highlight for the episode in the link below!

Source: Wikitree