BIBI Goes Viral For Giving Fan A Lap Dance During Performance

He was really living his “Y/N” moment!

One lucky fan had his “Y/N” moment with solo artist BIBI!


In the fanfiction genre, many revolve around an original character, usually titled “Y/N” (Your Name), representing the reader usually interacting and developing a relationship with one’s bias.

It has also become a joke within the fandom that when anyone has moments with their bias, it’s their “Y/N” moment. Whether it’s “locking eyes” during a concert or being remembered from fanmeeting to fanmeeting, it’s a special moment.

Now, a fan had a totally unreal moment straight out of fanfiction with none other than BIBI.

BIBI (left) and fan (right). |  고려대학교교육TV방송국 KUTV/YouTube

BIBI performed at Korea University‘s 2022 KUrescendo Festival.

BIBI performed the new song “Best Lover” for the encore. She also brought up a lucky fan on stage.

I don’t want to go! I’ll sing one more song before I leave. It’s a new one, so you might not know it. Is that okay? Okay, then I need a volunteer.


고려대학교교육TV방송국 KUTV/YouTube

She picked a fan out of the crowd just as one would write in fanfiction.

Can I get a volunteer? Anyone? (Squints) I can’t really see, my eyes are busted. You, in red. Come up on stage. Yes, you in red.


고려대학교교육TV방송국 KUTV/YouTube

Finally, the fan came up, and they got to know each other a little bit first.

고려대학교교육TV방송국 KUTV/YouTube

BIBI: What’s your name and major?

Fan: I’m a business management major.

BIBI: And your name?

Fan: Kim Sang Woon.

BIBI: Okay, Sang Woon from business school. How old are you?

Fan: ✌️ 

BIBI: 02?! You were born in 2002?! Please return to your seat. (Laughs) [I’ll let him stay] since he’s wearing red. Anyway, here’s my last song before I go.

At the start of the performance, she began to give the man a lap dance, causing the audience to erupt into applause and screams.

고려대학교교육TV방송국 KUTV/YouTube

BIBI also held his hand for part of the time. How cute!

고려대학교교육TV방송국 KUTV/YouTube

She also totally flirted with him too. BIBI played with his hair and “stole” his glasses, trying them on.

고려대학교교육TV방송국 KUTV/YouTube

Still, the fan was very shy, understandably. So, the moment that has everyone talking, though, is when she grabbed his hand to hold her as she danced.

And BIBI concluded the performance with a kiss on the cheek!

고려대학교교육TV방송국 KUTV/YouTube

Naturally, everyone was freaking out. The fan service was astronomical.

So, of course, a fancam of the performance has gone viral on both TikTok and Twitter.

After only a day since its posting, the clip has been viewed 2 million times on TikTok.

BiBi ‘Best Lover’ 🎤💋 #비비 #BiBi #88rising #fancam #fyp

♬ Best Lover – 88rising & BIBI

Netizens were all super jealous of the fan, but many also recognized how he had been so respectful amidst the steamy moment with the singer!


BIBI has become the queen of fan service. She previously went viral for kissing a fan at Head In The Clouds 2021 (HITC). Read more below:

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Watch BIBI’s entire performance at Korea University 2022 KUrescendo Festival below:

Source: and 고려대학교교육TV방송국 KUTV

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