BIGBANG breaks yet another record for K-Pop with “Bang Bang Bang” MV

BIGBANG has broken yet another record following labelmate and artist PSY as they reach an amazing milestone on YouTube.

BIGBANG’s music video for “BANG BANG BANG” surpassed 100 million views on video streaming website YouTube. The video was released in June which surpassed 50 million views in less than three months.

Other music videos for songs such as “Loser” from BIGBANG’s MADE series also surpassed over 80 million views as well.

Following their music video for the song “Fantastic Baby,” which has close to 200 million views, this will be BIGBANG’s second music video that has at least 100 million views.

Also, artist PSY who is under the same agency also reached the 100 million mark in 19 days with the song “DADDY.”

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[ +1115, -44] I would like to congratulate them. I hope BIG BANG continues their success this year as well~ fighting!!!!

[ +832, -40] Scream~~ Go BIGBANG! Bang bang bang

[ +743, -33] This is BIGBANG’s class!!! I am so proud of them 🙁

Source: OSEN