BIG BANG to REIGNITE Hallyu firestorm in Japan once again

BIG BANG reignites Hallyu once again in Japan by reaching number 1 on music chart

Korea media reports that BIG BANG has reached number one in Oricon chart, the most widely known music chart in Japan.

Although after the era of TVXQ, Kara, and Girls’ Generation dominating Japan’s music industry has ended and people believed Hallyu was slowly dying in Japan, BIG BANG has reignited the Hallyu firestorm once again.

Led by BIG BANG, GOT7 and Supernova ranked 2nd and 3rd with their albums on the Oricon charts as well.

Not only ordinary citizens of Japan are being proud that they are fans of Japan but celebrities have been talking on programs claiming that they are big fans of BIG BANG as well.

It will be interesting how BIG BANG’s influence will effect the future of K-pop in Japan.

Source: TV Report