Big Hit Labels Reveals Debut Plans For 2 Boy Groups And A Girl Group

They announced three new groups, and more, at their 2020 briefing.

On February 4, Big Hit Entertainment held their 2020 ‘Big Hit Company Corporate Briefing With The Community’, wherein they announced debut plans for new boy groups, a new girl group, and much more.

Currently, Big Hit Labels (which includes Big Hit Entertainment, Source Music, and BELIFT) is planning to debut two new boy groups. The first one is expected to debut this year. Vice-president Choi Yunhyuk of BELIFT (a joint venture between CJ ENM and Big Hit Entertainment) described the 2020 boy group as “multinational”.

Members were selected from auditions held in 17 cities. BELIFT will also be releasing a reality program that follows these trainees through their debut.

The second Big Hit Labels boy group will debut in 2022. This announcement was made after a recap of BTS‘s and TXT‘s achievements over the past year, as well as their branding styles.

In addition to this, So Sung-jin of Source Music revealed details about the company’s first joint project with Big Hit Entertainment, “Plus Global Audition“.

“Plus Global Audition”, a worldwide invitation to girls to audition, sought to make the traditionally stressful audition experience a more positive one.

In October 2019, auditions were held in 16 cities across the world. 50,000 girls of diverse backgrounds, aged from 13 to 19 participated. From among these participants, Source Music chose a team that will debut as a new girl group in 2021.

Watch the briefing here: