Big Hit Artist Lee Hyun Reveals BTS Members’ Character

“Hyung, how does it feel to look at a good-looking face?”

The Big Hit Entertainment artist, Lee Hyun, appeared on a recent episode of Radio Star and talked about his relationship with the BTS members.


He first began by saying that he was the closest with BTS’ Jimin and Jin.


According to the singer, Jimin is the type who tends to blame himself for unsatisfactory performances and lacks confidence, often reproaching himself for not being born with talent.

“Jimin is a lot like me in that after he sings, he tends to blame himself too much and says things like, ‘Why wasn’t I born with talent…'”


As a result, Jimin is apparently always monitoring his work and consistently puts forth his best effort.


As for Jin, the singer described Jin’s character as silly and playful as he shared a few silly moments he had with the idol. Lee Hyun explained that Jin steals his cell phone and takes some selfies with it.


He then returns the phone and says, “You can look at [my face] when you’re feeling down.”


He continued to explain that his silly jokes all began when he and BTS were recording a song together. While all the other BTS members were exhausted, Jin apparently came up to Lee Hyun and joked, “Hyung, how does it feel to work with world stars?”


Another example of one of Jin’s irresistible lines included, “Hyung, how does it feel? How does it feel to look at a good-looking face?”


In contrast to Jin, however, Lee Hyun stated that BTS’ leader, RM, not only has extreme charisma, but that he’s very intelligent as well.

“He definitely has charisma. And he’s really smart too.”


And because of his serious personality, if he were to joke around with RM as he does with Jin, RM would most likely respond with a serious line such as, “Ah, yes hyung.”


He added that RM was a hoobae (junior) that was a little difficult to approach.


Watch the full clip below:


Source: Naver TV