Big Hit’s Bang Si Hyuk Reveals Secret To His Success At Seoul National University Graduation Ceremony

His speech was inspirational.

On February 26, Big Hit Entertainment‘s Bang Si Hyuk delivered a congratulatory message at the Seoul National University graduation ceremony.

Bang Si Hyuk, who graduated from Seoul National University with a major in Aesthetics, congratulated the students and revealed the story behind how he became successful.


He revealed that the source of his energy lied in his “anger” towards mediocracy.

While contemplating on what I should say during today’s congratulatory speech, I carefully thought about the source of the energy that has brought me to this day. This was none other than “anger” or “rage”. I was angry about the “complacency” of working satisfactorily and I took on each day without compromise as if it were the last with the calling of creating the best contents.

ㅡ Bang Si Hyuk


He added that he was able to do so because of the promise he made with fans.

I am originally just that type of person but I was also able to do it because of the promise I made with fans who were comforted and inspired by music and I could never break that promise.

ㅡ Bang Si Hyuk


He continued that “mediocracy” wasn’t the only thing that sparked his rage. The music industry, in general, had many things to be angry about as well.

Even during my journey in creating the best contents in the music industry, there were many things that I had to be angry about. The situation of the industry was not sensible and I was angry and unhappy about these things.

ㅡ Bang Si Hyuk


He then encouraged the graduate students to become angry like himself and to fight against complacency in order to better society.

Like the “incarnation of anger”, Bang Si Hyuk, I hope all of you also feel anger and fight back. This way, problems can be solved. Only them will the society change. I hope you remember that everyting lies in your hands. I think it would be nice for you to become a fighter in your simple daily lives.

ㅡ Bang Si Hyuk


He concluded by restating his point and congratulated the students once again.

Personally, I want my tombstone to say, “The incarnation of anger, Bang Si Hyuk, has lived a happy life.” Until the day when common sense is accepted and music contents is rightfully evaluated, I will continue to live fiercely each and every day. I will live with passionate anger and simple happiness.

I hope that you all define and find your happiness and live a beautiful life. Congratulations on your graduation once again.

ㅡ Bang Si Hyuk

Source: Newsen