Big Hit Celebrates BTS J-Hope’s Birthday With Photos To Look Back On The Past Year

Happy birthday J-Hope!

Every year ARMYs start off by celebrating BTS J-Hope’s birthday to kick off the New Year. Big Hit Entertainment also released a series of photos on their official Facebook page to celebrate his special day. Let’s take a look at the photos!

| @bts_official/Twitter

Our J-Hope is always our bright sunshine!

But on stage, he is our charismatic dance leader

But we all know he has a goofy side to him

Our forever dance leader, J-Hope!

How can anyone deny the fact that he is our literal ray of sunshine?

But when his duality kicks in, his charisma is too much for us to handle!

Our eternal sunshine!

We just love his adorable facial expressions that he does

And of course, we get wrecked again from time to time

This sunshine deserves all the love in the world

Can we just say, red is his color!


We love his cool yet collected vibe

And ARMYs know just how talented he is at not only rapping but also singing!

Shades on and he’s ready to go

Don’t we all just adore his dimples?

Our little ‘heartu’ is jumping just for you!

How cute is he?

We love a man in all black

May you always shine bright, our talented and humble J-Hope!

Happy birthday once again J-Hope!