Big Hit CEO Bang Si Hyuk Stuns Fans With His Recent Weight Loss

He has lost a lot of weight.

Big Hit CEO Bang Si Hyuk has become the talking point for fans of BTS and TXT after he revealed his figure recently through a picture with UNICEF, showing his extreme weight loss.

Back on February 26, 2019, Bang Si Hyuk appeared in front of the public as a guest speaker at the Seoul National University graduation as a guest speaker.

However, during his appearance, fans claimed that Bang Si Hyuk had put on some weight, and failed his diet that he promised to BTS he would go on, to improve his health.

However now, it looks like he has gone back to his diet, and this time, succeeded. In his picture with UNICEF Executive Director Henrietta H. Fore and UNICEF Korea President Lee Ki Cheol, he could be seen looking much slimmer than his past photos.

However, some fans are sharing their criticisms for him, saying he looks way too different now.

  • Is that really Bang Si Hyuk? Not some old Ahjusshi?
  • When did he get so old?
  • He looks so much older now?
  • This is why you shouldn’t lose too much weight at once, you’ll end up looking like a deflated balloon.

Most fans though, are showing their support for Bang Si Hyuk’s weight loss, hoping he stays healthy for a long time just like RM hoped for.

  • Juvis is the hot trend right now, it gives a lot of hope to people.
  • Wow, was that all in just 3 months? Really?
  • It’s great that he lost weight, maintain a normal weight and always stay healthy please.
  • It’s the start of a new Bang Si Hyuk!
  • He really did lose a lot of weight.
  • He looks like a new person, I’m glad he succeeded with his diet.