Big Hit And CJ ENM Have Launched A Combined Company To Create A Global K-Pop Group

Bang Si Hyuk is looking to create another group in the near future.

Big Hit Entertainment, the agency behind BTS and TXT, has joined forces with Korean entertainment powerhouses CJ ENM and launched a new company called BELIFT LAB.

The company’s goal is to create a “global K-Pop group” by 2020 and in order to accomplish this, the company has been built with funding of 7 billion won ($6.1 million).

The company will be holding global auditions in countries such as the United States, Korea and Japan in order to discover a new idol group. These auditions will be starting on March 30th.

BELIFT LAB aims to debut a boy group which Bang Si Hyuk will be responsible for managing.

The CEO of BELIFT LAB has said that the company will be focusing on entertainment and media primarily.

Source: Naver