Big Hit Clears Confusion And Confirms Indonesia Coca-Cola Ad Song Was Sung By BTS

ARMYs can spot BTS anywhere!

Recently, a new advertisement video for Coca-Cola was posted on the ‘Coca-Cola Indonesia’ social media account.

As soon as the video was released, ARMYs on online community boards began a debate on whether or not the vocals for the advertisement song were BTS.

| @bts_official/Twitter

It looks like ARMYs have found BTS’s vocals first even before any confirmed news came out.

Some fans even took the time to remove the music from the video in order to hear the vocals better.

They could even pin-point which sections of the song were sung by which members.

Not long afterwards, media reports confirmed with Big Hit Entertainment that it was indeed BTS’s voices. “We confirm that BTS sang the song. It is true that they have recorded the global Coca-Cola commercial song.”

Source: wikitree