Big Hit Criticized Over Companies Using Photos For Articles That Exclude BTS’s Jimin

Fans hope that this will be fixed ASAP.

While BTS is breaking records with their new single “Dynamite,” fans are finding that news and media about the group were using a photo that didn’t show Jimin. All these media accounts were officially verified companies that were promoting BTS’s new records. The photo in question is the opening shot of the music video which shows all the members walking away, thus revealing Jimin in the back.

Fans felt that this was disrespectful to the group, making it look like they completely disregarded Jimin from the photo. Fans got straight to work and sent emails to Big Hit Entertainment requesting that they fix this matter quickly and give Jimin the recognition he deserves.

Fans are tired of seeing certain members missing in promotional photos and they hope that Big Hit will look into this matter so that all seven members will be given the equal promotion and recognition that they deserve.

Here’s a list of some of the official accounts that have used this photo to promote the group:

This just a handful of the many official accounts who have used this photo to promote the group.

Fans have begun requesting that Big Hit look into this matter and fix it appropriately.

Fans have gathered screenshots of many accounts with the photo and hope that they will help in using a promotion photo that reveals all seven members.

| @PortalParkJimin/Twitter

We all know that BTS is OT7 and that all seven have contributed together to create this single. Fans hope that this problem will be resolved quickly and efficiently as they continue their promotions!