Big Hit Draws Criticism After Tweeting Article About TXT Taking Over BTS’s Fame

Fans are disappointed in Big Hit’s choice of news articles.

Big Hit Entertainment posted an article on Twitter and received criticism from both Korean and international fans.

The article linked in the post is about Big Hit’s rookie boy group TXT and the concept that they focus on through their music.




The article states that Big Hit Entertainment’s world vision is becoming more apparent after BTS’s concept of the youth and loving yourself.

They added that TXT is creating a more upgraded and creative concept due to Big Hit’s six years of experience with BTS. TXT may start off looking like a school concept, but they have added magic and fantasy to the mix, making it a more enriched and elaborate in terms of concept.





TXT’s Taehyun commented in last March’s showcase, “I’ve learned to communicate through the album and not just the song at Big Hit Entertainment.”

Fans, however, were not pleased with this Twitter post as the title made it look as if BTS were being put on the back burner while TXT took the main stage.




Here are some of the comments made by Netizens.



Here are Tweets from International fans regarding the post.













The Twitter post has since been deleted.

Source: theqoo