Big Hit Entertainment Acquires Multi-Platform Music Game Specialist Company Superb

Another addition to the Big Hit family.

Big Hit Entertainment has acquired ownership of Superb, a company specializing in multi-platform music games.

Big Hit Entertainment released a statement regarding their acquirement of Superb.

We have recently completed a contract to acquire a stake in the game company Superb.

Superb will maintain their independence and direction of the company, and the company’s existing management will remain in the office.

— Big Hit Entertainment

Big Hit Entertainment is looking to expand its label and reorganize its structure by acquiring Superb and its music and IP (intellectual property) based game development and service capabilities. Superb is planning to produce games using the intellectual property of Big Hit Entertainment and their related companies, and release the games to the world.

We are very happy to be joining Big Hit Entertainment, which is innovating the new business model in the music industry. I think it is a new opportunity for all of our members. We look forward to creating new values and synergies through our cooperation with Big Hit.

— Superb Co-CEO Kim Seon Haeng

Superb has been focused on creating new types of fun across the boundaries of music and game. We will try to create content that can meet the expectations of users around the world, through the innovative content and developmental capabilities of both companies.

— Superb Co-CEO Oh Min Hwan

Bang Si Hyuk also commented on the acquisition, saying that he thinks the acquisition will bring growth to both companies.

I think we at Big Hit believe that games are an industry that can create a strong synergy with music, which is our main focus. In particular, we have been seeking various opportunities to show the strength that can happen with the music game sector meets with the capabilities of Big Hit.

We believe that this acquisition will bring positive value and potential to both companies and the other multi-labels that Big Hit will expand to. Apart from the acquisition of Superb, our partnership with Netmarble, which has world-class game development and service capabilities, will continue to be in place.

— Bang Si Hyuk

Superb is best known for their game Pianista: The Legendary Virtuoso, which is available on the Nintendo Switch and mobile devices.

Source: Newsen