Big Hit Entertainment Begins ‘Card Ticket’ System To Prevent Illegal Resale Of Tickets

Big Hit is introducing a new system.

Korean online communities have started to post news about the new ticketing system being introduced by Big Hit Entertainment.


Fans found about this new ticketing system on the guidelines for TXT’s 2020 TXT FANLIVE DREAM X TOGETHER event.

The guidelines state that fans with membership that buys tickets or gets chosen through the raffle drawing will now have to confirm their identity through a ‘card ticket’ on Weply.


Read the full guideline below:

We are now introducing a new system called ‘card ticket’. This is to prevent black market trading or illegal re-selling of tickets. Fans must register their photo through the Weply app to confirm one’s identity before reserving tickets. If you do not register your photo first, you will not be able to participate in the drawing or purchase tickets. The photo must be a clear, front-facing photo of yourself and once the photo has been registered, you cannot change it. If the photo and the individual does not seem to match, additional proof may be needed.


Fans are divided about this new system, with some saying that it’s unfair while others felt that it was appropriate.

“So I guess this kind of like an ID card? This is interesting! This would be able to prevent illegal resale!”


“Card ticket? Are you kidding me? Why are you trying to block resale? It’s hard to get chosen or to even purchase a ticket and this is the only way we can get tickets!”


Some were worried that they would start implementing this new system for BTS as well.

“Do you think they will use this system for BTS as well?”


“If they’re using this on TXT, then they might do this for BTS too! BTS is really cracking down on this aren’t they.”


What are your thoughts on this new system? Do you agree with their new methods?