Big Hit Entertainment Has Named A New Co-CEO

He will be splitting duties with CEO Bang Si Hyuk

Big Hit Entertainment has named a new co-CEO, who will lead the company alongside its founder, CEO Bang Si Hyuk.


On March 6, Big Hit Entertainment revealed that Yoon Seok-jun, the company’s current chief business officer has been selected for the role.


The two CEOs will be splitting Big Hit Entertainment’s content production and business in order to keep up with the company’s skyrocketing growth, and to increase its competitiveness. Bang Si Hyuk will take charge of content production, while Yoon Seok-jun will handle business affairs.


Yoon Seok-jun is one of the company’s key “hidden players”, who has been working behind the scenes since 2010. He joined Big Hit Entertainment as the director of strategic planning, and has been responsible for creating special video content and fan content, which helped BTS gain popularity.


In Big Hit Entertainment’s official statement, they said:

“Yoon is someone who never gave up on creating the best content, while striving to break new grounds. Through this appointment, we will strengthen expertise in each sector to fulfill the anticipation of the fans and grow global competitiveness.”

— Big Hit Entertainment

Source: Korea Herald