Big Hit Entertainment Confirms TXT Will Make A Comeback Next Month

Looks like a new trilogy could be on the horizon.

Get ready, MOA! After reports of a TXT comeback circulated earlier today, Big Hit Entertainment confirms that the group will be releasing their new album next month.

TXT wrapped up their first album trilogy, The Dream Chapter, in spring this year. Mini album The Dream Chapter: Eternity was released in May, following on from Gaon #1 debut mini album The Dream Chapter: Star and subsequent full album The Dream Chapter: Magic.

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Given the established pattern, most are expecting this track to be part of a 3rd mini album rather than a 2nd full album. With The Dream Chapter over, many fans believe TXT will be starting a second trilogy filled with new lore to explore and a potential new sound. According to reports, the new title track will have a “refreshing concept”.

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Since debut song “Crown” showed off a refreshing image too, a popular theory is already emerging that TXT’s potential next trilogy will gradually descent into darkness like The Dream Chapter.

According to the company, TXT’s album is set to release in late October. Given that the group always drops albums on Mondays, that means the comeback date will either be October 19 or October 26.

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Despite there still being over a month until the comeback, fans are already rallying together with the hope of breaking new records for TXT as they evolve out of their “monster rookie” phase.

Their last mini album charted across the world, from the United States to Poland, selling a staggering 181,000 copies in its first week. Since then, title track “Can’t You See Me” has accumulated 34 million views on YouTube.

Stay tuned for more updates related to TXT’s highly anticipated comeback!

| Big Hit Entertainment
Source: OSEN, Newsen and The Show (Image Credit)


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