Big Hit Entertainment Reveals How Much They Skyrocketed In Just One Year

Their 2018 earnings report shows the company’s incredible growth.

Big Hit Entertainment has become a force to be reckoned with, and their earnings from BTS‘s record-breaking year, 2018, prove it.

On March 19, Big Hit Entertainment revealed their 2018 audit report and business performance in a press release. According to this report, Big Hit Entertainment’s total revenue for 2018 was 214.2 billion KRW ($190M USD), their net profits were 50.2 billion KRW ($44M USD), and their operating profits were 64.1 billion KRW ($57M USD).


2018 was Big Hit Entertainment’s highest performing year since it was founded in 2005. Overall, Big Hit Entertainment experienced a mind-blowing 97% growth in operating profits, a 105% increase in net profits, and a 132% increase in total sales. This financial success directly reflects BTS’s achievements, popularity, and sales in 2018.


In 2018, BTS’s LOVE YOURSELF: Tear sold approximately 4.05 million copies, and LOVE YOURSELF: Answer sold approximately 5.15 million copies.


BTS also performed for 810,000 fans during their LOVE YOURSELF world tour, which will soon be transitioning into their 2019 SPEAK YOURSELF tour. In addition to this, BTS raked in incredible earnings from merchandise sales, video publications, endorsements, and more.


Judging from the record-breaking preorders on their upcoming album, MAP OF THE SOUL : PERSONA, BTS’s upward trend will continue through 2019, and Big Hit Entertainment’s success will continue to soar.

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Source: Newsen