Big Hit Entertainment Enters Legal Dispute With Cosmetic Company Using The Name BTS

We have yet to hear the results from the dispute.

BTS is known to be the English name and trademark for the group. Big Hit Entertainment has entered a legal dispute with a cosmetics company that uses BTS as its trademark.




On October 17, Big Hit filed a lawsuit for registration invalidation to the Patent office against a cosmetics company using the BTS trademark.

The cosmetics company in a dispute with Big Hit registered their brand name ‘BACK TO SIXTEEN’ in August of 2015. This brand abbreviates the brand name to ‘BTS’ on their products. The trademark was filed in October 2014, a year later than the debut of BTS.




Big Hit applied to a variety of different products using the trademark BTS, with one of them being in the cosmetics category. However, they were rejected because a similar brand currently exists. Big Hit also filed a patent trial against the cosmetics company this past April to have them change their trademark name. The results for this trial have yet to be released.




With this, the cosmetics company responded, “Our brand existed without any relations with BTS. Big Hit filed a lawsuit against the name only after BTS became famous.”




We will have to wait and see for the final results of the dispute.

Source: tvdaily