BigHit Entertainment is Moving To A New, Bigger Building

After years of sharing a building with other companies, BigHit Entertainment will finally be moving out, to a larger building,

Big Hit Entertainment’s offices are currently located in an office building in Gangnam and the company shares the building with the Leadership Q Center and the Housing Gallerist Education Center.

Photos posted by Sejeong Asset‘s Gangnam division show Big Hit Entertainment’s office which may be up for sale or lease, meaning that they have been able to find a new location for their offices. The first post from the official office rental partner blog shows Big Hit Entertainment’s office and says,

“This office is currently used as an Entertainment company office. It’s the company of a famous idol group.

This is BTS’s company office. We were surprised because of the nice interior layout.”

Sejeong Assets

The official office rental partner blog also posted that the company would be looking to move to a larger building, saying

“It looks like the company is moving to a bigger location. There is one room. Tt’s an open office that’s about 30 pyeong (1,067 square feet) large.”

Sejeong Assets