BIG HIT Entertainment Officially Announces BTS’s Break, Asks Fans To Respect Members’ Privacy

Members will get to refresh and recharge.

When BTS didn’t have much scheduled between the months of August and October 2019, it was assumed they’ll be taking a break away from their full-speed adventure in the world of K-Pop.


On August 11, 2019, following their “Lotte Duty Free Family Concert”, BTS officially entered “an extended period of rest and relaxation”. BIG HIT Entertainment tweeted on its official account – in both Korean and English – that BTS is now on break for the first time since their debut!


The announcement stated that during this official hiatus period, the agency expects the members to fully “recharge and prepare to present themselves anew as musicians and creators.”


The agency also hopes this period of relaxation will allow the members “a chance to enjoy the ordinary lives of young people in their 20s”, as the members have never been able to fully step out of the spotlight since the 2013 debut.


Finally, and most importantly, BIG HIT Entertainment pleaded with a friendly reminder that the members are, in fact, “on vacation” and therefore, even when encountered in the public, that the fans please be considerate and leave the members alone to enjoy their time off.


While ARMYs are going to miss BTS terribly in the short-but-long R&R period, they fully support the agency and the members’ decision to stop, breathe, smell the roses, before moving on to keep conquering the world with their talents!


Read the full announcement below:


And watch their final performance at the concert before going on hiatus here!