Big Hit Entertainment Officially Launches BTS Characters ’TinyTAN’

Who’s ready for TinyTAN!

Big Hit Entertainment has officially released TinyTAN characters which have been inspired by the BTS members. These cute character versions of the members express BTS’s second self and shows them transcending through the ‘Magic Door’ between reality and their world.

| Big Hit Entertainment

TinyTAN doesn’t just take on the characteristics of the members, but also delivers a positive message and empathy through their music and performance that will be released through various contents.

On August 8, BTS released a video through their official YouTube channel that showed TinyTAN opening the magic door and cheering up the main character who is tired from the reality of life. The characters are seen dancing to “MIC Drop” and received praise for its similarity to the actual performance.

TinyTAN was first released last October through their “IDOL” trailer video. These characters were made by Big Hit IP through their R&D studio with around 50 professionals in the animation field. Fans were shocked at just how detailed and synchronized the characters actions were to the actual members.

Big Hit plans to introduce TinyTAN in various ways, including figures, merchandise, and other media contents. Weverse Shop also plans to release products with the TinyTAN theme as well as release a sequel to the previously released video sometime later this year.

Big Hit commented, “Each of the BTS members has their own unique characteristics that cannot be compared to any other popular character series. We will release various healing contents filled with the message of hope and empathy through BTS’s second self, TinyTAN.”

Stay tuned for more contents from TinyTAN!

Source: startoday