Big Hit Entertainment responds to death threats made against BTS and Jimin

Big Hit Entertainment has released a statement after death threats were made against BTS and Jimin.

An anti-fan made a series of death threats over Twitter aimed at BTS and specifically targeting Jimin prior to their concerts in California. The anti-fan claimed they would be smuggling a gun into the concert grounds to shoot Jimin during their 2017 BTS Wings Tour at the Honda Center in Los Angeles, California.

Big Hit Entertainment was made aware of the threats after ARMYs trended the topic to #1 on Twitter. The agency revealed they believed the threats to be an immature and unacceptable joke amd announced that they would still be taking the threats seriously as a safety precaution.

“We think it’s simply a joke by an anti-fan, but we’re preparing just in case something happens. We’re planning on fortifying security by working with local police for their California tour stops.”

— Insider at Big Hit Entertainment

Source: Insight