Big Hit Entertainment Shuts Down Jungkook’s Dating Rumors, Threatens Legal Action

They shut down the rumors.

Big Hit Entertainment has shut down any rumors of BTS’s Jungkook being in a relationship, and has promised to take legal action against those who were behind the rumors.

Earlier today, leaked CCTV pictures of Jungkook with a woman sparked rumors that he was in a relationship with her.

BTS’s Jungkook Tied Up In Dating Rumors After CCTV Picture Gets Leaked

In response, Big Hit Entertainment has shut down those rumors, and released their statement, promising legal action against the person who leaked the pictures.

Big Hit Entertainment would like to make it clear that the claims regarding our artist, Jungkook, that are being made on social media right now are not true.

Jungkook found out that his friends from a tattoo shop were in the area while he was visiting Geoje Island during is vacation. Jungkook met with his friends from the tattoo shop and his friends on Geoje Island, and together, they went to a karaoke room. After that is what has been distorted from the truth.

We regret that such trivial matters of out artist’s personal life during his vacation became so distorted.

We will be taking legal action against the leak of private information and violation of privacy after investigating whether the CCTV footage was leaked or illegally filmed. In addition, we will also take legal action against those who spread false information with no exceptions.

— Big Hit Entertainment

Source: SPOTV


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