Big Hit Entertainment Grants ARMY’s Wish For Subtitled BTS Content

ARMY’s voice has been heard.

ARMYs are thanking BTS‘s agency for granting a long-held wish to international fans.


When BTS debuted back in 2013, Big Hit Entertainment was a very small company with limited resources, dedicated to helping BTS succeed against all odds. At this time, fan translators played a key role in helping international fans understand BTS videos, lyrics, interviews, and more.


Relying on fan translations inspired many fans to learn Korean, and it helped form relationships between ARMYs, especially K-Diamonds (Korean ARMYs) and I-Lovelies (international fans).


Now, BTS is a global sensation and Big Hit Entertainment is now a multi-million dollar company that, according to fans, needs a translation team dedicated to translating and subtitling all BTS content. In November 2019, fans trended #BigHitAddSubs on Twitter, calling for changes.


Many ARMYs pointed out that BTS’s membership content (which costs between $80-$100 USD) is unsubtitled, but fans who provide translations for the content risk getting their membership revoked.


Shortly after this subtitle issue made headlines, beNX (a subsidiary of Big Hit Entertainment) posted a recruitment notice for translators.

Deliver high quality, accurately translated media content to global fans. By competitively providing video content as part of the entertainment service, it contributes to enhancing the convenience of customers and expanding service. At the forefront of providing content for services that have not existed before, you can experience engaging with content creation and engaging with global users.

— beNX


On January 13, BangtanTV dropped the first Bangtan Bomb of 2020, and guess what? It’s subtitled in English! Up until now, fans have been the ones translating these behind the scenes clips.


Now, to show their gratitude, ARMYs are trending #ThankYouBigHit on Twitter. As fans like to say, stan a company that stans you back!