Big Hit Entertainment Will Debut a Brand New Boy Group in 2019

BTS will be getting a brother group.

Big Hit Entertainment has confirmed that they are in preparations to debut their brand new boy group.


Media originally reported that Big Hit Entertainment’s new boy group would have 5 members, but Big Hit shut down that claim.

“We are preparing a new boy group with the goal of debuting them early 2019. The number of members, concept, and other details have not been decided yet.”

— Big Hit Entertainment


There are also rumors that there will be a survival program for the creation of the new group, but it seems like those are inconsistent.

“The rumors of the group member’s selection through a survival program that have been spreading are untrue.” — Osen

“The team will be formed through a survival show.” — Star News



Big Hit Entertainment has been planning for their new boy group for a while, holding auditions regularly, looking for the best new up and coming male talent. Many trainees have been spotted entering and leaving the Big Hit building, as well as at BTS’s concerts, but not much is known about them.


Some fans thought there was a group called 6aces being prepared, but no matter who the debut members are or what their group name is, Bang Si Hyuk and Big Hit Entertainment want to debut the group in a way where they can show off their unique styles to the public.

Source: Xportnews, Osen and Star News