Big Hit Is Hiring Staff To Help Communicate With International Fans

Big Hit Entertainment is hiring a director specially for communicating with their international fans!

International BTS fans will be happy to know that Big Hit Entertainment is now hiring an international fan communication director!


Some international BTS fans have been frustrated with the language barrier when it comes to issues related to BTS and it seems like their concerns will soon be a matter of the past!


According to Big Hit Entertainment, an international fan communication director supports the decision-making process of the business aspect of the company by clearly communicating the global fandom needs and trends to those working directly with the artists.


Fans have been suspecting that numerous ARMYs will probably be applying for the position just to get a chance to see BTS!

  • “So many delulus with 0 credentials or experience will apply hoping to meet BTS lol”
  • “Bruh imagine if those manager armys actually applied lawd help us lol.”
  • “I can see all the koreaboos furiously trying to learn Korean just so they can get a glimpse of BTS now.”
  • “The fandom has many intellectuals. I have hope”


By the looks of the numerous qualifications required for the position, however, landing this job definitely doesn’t seem like it will be easy!


And although it is unknown whether they are fans or not, it appears that there are a total of 65 applicants who have submitted their resumes so far with 97% (65 applicants) of them being female!


In fact, the company is seemingly going through a big hiring process as they are not only hiring an international fan communication director, but are also hiring 11 more positions in various departments.

Big Hit currently has job openings for Director of A&R, Artist PR, Contents Planning & Producing, Accountant, Legal Department Team Member, Music Department Recording Engineer, Business Operations Project Manager, Business Management Director, Artist Management Team Leader/Member, New Artist Casting Director and Global Business Team Leader.


Big Hit Entertainment will be accepting applications until the position is filled, so for those residing in South Korea, now is your chance to apply!

Source: Saramin and Onehallyu