Big Hit Entertainment Is Holding Auditions to Find “Hip-Hop Geniuses”

Big Hit Entertainment is on the hunt for the next BTS.

BTS‘s agency, Big Hit Entertainment, is now seeking new rappers and vocalists to audition for Hit It Audition 6.


On June 17, the label tweeted out this wanted advertisement for “hip-hop geniuses”, along with a list of audition requirements.


Currently, Big Hit Entertainment is only seeking male vocalists and male rappers (born in 1998 or later), but all nationalities are welcome.


According to the label’s website, participants may earn merit points if they audition using original compositions, so creativity is a plus!


The auditions will take place in three stages. First, applicants must apply via email to enter the online preliminaries, which will take place from June 25, 2018 – July 25, 2018.

Jungkook’s predebut Superstar K audition.



Those chosen from the preliminaries will move on to the semi-finals.

J-Hope’s predebut audition for JYP Entertainment.


At the end of the semi-finals, the Top 10 competitors will be announced.


The Top 10 judges include Big Hit Entertainment producer PDOGG and Groovy Room (a composing duo consisting of Park Gyu-jung and Lee Hwi-min).

PDOGG and Big Hit Entertainment CEO Bang Si-hyuk.


Over the last five years, the name “PDOGG” has become synonymous with “BTS”. This legendary producer has worked directly with the group to produce hits such as “FAKE LOVE”.


Groovy Room has produced tracks for a number of K-Pop’s most successful hip-hop artists, including Jay ParkCheetahDynamic Duo, and Dok2.


After the Top 10 have been decided, Big Hit Entertainment will announce the winner. The winner is not guaranteed to become a Big Hit Entertainment trainee, but they will take home the equivalent of $1798.00 US.


Although the chances of becoming a trainee may be slim, Suga is living proof that it is possible. This talented BTS member auditioned for Big Hit Entertainment after seeing a Hit It audition flyer. Although he placed second, he still ended up joining the company as a producer/trainee.


The Hit It Audition 6 announcement has stirred up excitement in the K-Pop community.


Many talented fans are honing their hip-hop skills in the hopes of competing, while others, who do not qualify, are hoping to compete in the future.


Other fans are wondering what the Hit It auditions will contribute to Big Hit Entertainment’s future groups.


Best of luck to all Hit It Audition 6 contestants!