Big Hit Label Artists Reveal What They Believe In For #WhatDoYouBelieveIn Campaign

What do you believe in?

Recently, Big Hit Entertainment released a film as part of their #WhatDoYouBelieveIn #IBelieveIn campaign.

In this video, artists who are a part of Big Hit Labels revealed what they believed in.


ENHYPEN were seen working together in order to a row a boat out at sea.

| Big Hit Labels/YouTube


The members of SEVENTEEN reveal that people who are anxious have their own battles. They find that instead of focusing on their anxiety, it’s better to focus on each other’s voices and soar towards their goals.

| Big Hit Labels/YouTube


For GFRIEND, you can see each member focusing on themselves, showing that it is important to work on the self.

| Big Hit Labels/YouTube


NU’EST show in their portion that it’s okay to live a little and just smile!

| Big Hit Labels/YouTube


There’s never been a group more serious about pineapple pizza than TXT!

| Big Hit Labels/YouTube


BTS continues to show the importance of connection and their bond with each other, their fans, and the world.

| Big Hit Labels/YouTube

And now they want to ask you, what do you believe in?

| Big Hit Labels/YouTube

Watch the full video below!

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