Some Fans Are Just Now Realizing BigHit Music Producer Slow Rabbit Is Really Hot

We been knew! 😏

Former BigHit Music producer ADORA is soon to make her debut as a solo music artist. She’s been a fan-favorite from the beginning due to her work on BTS’s “Spring Day,” Suga‘s “Seesaw, and TXT’s “Our Summer” (just to name a few).

Not only fans of these groups are behind her with her debut. She has the whole BigHit family, including fellow producers Pdogg and Slow Rabbit, who have been in-house producers for years and continue to be two of the company’s main ones. Currently, Slow Rabbit, whose real name is Kwon Do Hyeong, is TXT’s main producer.

Slow Rabbit especially has also been sharing posts about ADORA’s solo debut to his social media…

Slow Rabbit and Pdogg even spoke with her recently. They listened to some of her new music, then gave her advice and cheered for her success!

While this was an incredibly wholesome moment and one that surely meant a lot to ADORA, some ARMYs were simply stunned by the whole thing. Some didn’t realize ADORA had left BigHit Music and was changing careers. Meanwhile, most had not seen the producers before and were shocked to realize how young Slow Rabbit is!

The BigHit Music producers range in age, actually. While Pdogg is 38, ADORA is only 24! As for the man in question, though, Slow Rabbit is 30.

Slow Rabbit | @slowrabbit_no1/Instagram

Regardless of their age, they are very accomplished and have worked on some of our favorite songs. For example, Slow Rabbit wrote and produced his debut track, “I Like It,” in 2013. Recently, he arranged Jimin‘s solo “Promise and Jin‘s OST for K-Drama Jirisan “Yours.”

Naturally, ARMY couldn’t deny that Slow Rabbit is not just incredibly talented musically. He’s got visuals too, and many were surprised to find out he’s both young and hot.

Still, while a large number of fans were shocked to discover what Slow Rabbit looks like, many have been knew for a while.

Just look at this picture of him all the way back in 2015! Slow Rabbit debut when?

So, to show fans who he really is, some reposted Pdogg’s reaction video of a very young Slow Rabbit from when BTS won their first daesang (grand prize) at the 2016 Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA). Pdogg captioned the original post, “Don’t cry.” 

As you can see, he’s much more than handsome. He’s also incredibly sweet, supportive, and a little bit shy.

It’s no wonder Slow Rabbit ended up trending on Twitter over the weekend!

| Twitter

We definitely don’t discourage anyone from simping over this man. He deserves all of the love he’s getting!

Watch ADORA’s video with Slow Rabbit and Pdogg (with English captions) below:

Source: @90_cestlavie