Big Hit Officially Apologizes For BTS’s “BANG BANG CON The Live” Defective Portable Charger Merchandise

They will exchange all chargers regardless of it being defective or not.

Big Hit Entertainment officially apologized for the recent controversy over the defective portable chargers that were sold as official merchandise and stated that they would collect and exchange all chargers that were purchased.

On September 7, Big Hit posted an official announcement through Weverse Shop regarding the charger.

Some of the portable battery chargers turned out defective during the manufacturing process. We will exchange all chargers regardless of it being defective or not.

⁠— Weverse Shop

This portable charger was a part of the official BTS merchandise that was sold for their Bang Bang Con The Live online concert that took place this past June. Fans however began to complain about the charger by posting photos online showing how defective they were. While some chargers looked distorted or bent, others also complained that the charging cable port did not fit well either.

Taking a look at some of the posts from social media, you can see that a lot of the chargers came melted or distorted with some having trouble with the charging cable port too.

Big Hit took action quickly regarding the complaints as they felt that it could damage the image of the BTS members for something that wasn’t even pertaining to them.

A music industry official stated, “BTS has recently been doing well including hitting No.1 on the Billboard charts. Having complaints regarding the merchandise during this time could harm their image and that’s probably why Big Hit came up with the appropriate response quickly.”

On the other hand, BTS has recently hit No.1 on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart being the first Korean artist to do so.

Source: munhwa