“Big Hit Protect Your Artists” Trends After Big Hit Entertainment Staff Exposed For Poor Behavior Towards BTS and TXT

Fans are angry with Big Hit’s lack of action.

“Big Hit Protect Your Artists” has started to trend in South Korea after the poor behavior by the company’s staff towards their artists BTS and TXT was revealed.

Earlier in the day, the hashtag “#BH_아티스트_보호해” began to trend in South Korea. The hashtag translates to “BH_Protect_Artists”, or more naturally, “Big Hit Protect Your Artists”. Along with the hashtag came several instances showing how Big Hit Entertainment‘s staff members are not looking out for the company’s artists best interests. Another hashtag “#큰성공_직원관리_아티스트_보호해” trended as well, which means “Big Success, Employee Management, Protect Your Artists.”

One example came from the most recent episode of BANGTAN BOMB, where Jin was seen using his DSLR camera at the 2019 Melon Music Awards waiting room. Even through the blur, one of their staff members could very clearly be seen pointing her camera at Jin, and taking a picture of him.

The next example attached to the hashtag is a picture of TXT at Gimpo International Airport, to head to Japan. There was criticism here as TXT’s staff did not do anything to prevent the onslaught of sasaeng fans from crowding the members.

Another BTS example was brought up showing BTS during their Comeback Show – Anpanman Skit. A staff member could be clearly seen peeking into the room where Suga is resting. Jungkook came to check in Suga at the time.

Back to TXT, a picture resurfaced of Yeonjun having to hold an umbrella for his manager, instead of the other way around as commonly seen within the entertainment industry.

Finally, another instance was shown, where RM and Jin were in a hotel hallway, and a female staff member takes out her phone to take a close-up picture of Jin.

When TXT were in their waiting room, it appears as if a female staff member was trying to secretly record Huening Kai and Beomgyu.

More details about the supposed sasaengs who pretend to have no interest in BTS or TXT to work as one of their staff members have also come to light once again. They do so just to try and get into close contact with the members, or to receive insider information before release to the public.

It was also noted how Big Hit Entertainment even posted guidelines on how their artists should interact with their staff members, but some staff members would curse out the artist behind their backs.

Netizens are criticizing Big Hit Entertainment for allowing their staff members to take such pictures, whether it be for personal or other reasons, of the artists they are supposed to be working for as part of their staff team. They are also criticizing the mistreatment of the members, from how the staff behave to not fully checking their ulterior motives of working for the company.

Big Hit Entertainment has yet to respond to any of the accusations made against them by both Korean and International fans of their artists.

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