Big Hit Releases Official Statement Regarding BTS Jungkook’s Car Accident

Big Hit releases a statement about Jungkook’s car accident.

On November 4, Bit Hit Entertainment released an official statement regarding BTS Jungkook’s car accident.



Hello, this is Big Hit Entertainment. We are here to release a statement regarding BTS Jungkook’s car accident. Although we cannot confirm details as the investigation has not been completed at the police station yet, we can state that last week, Jungkook caused a car accident while driving. Jungkook and the taxi driver both do not have significant injuries.



After the crash, Jungkook admitted to violating the road traffic laws and proceeded with the questioning at the police station. Afterward, he was able to come to an agreement with the taxi driver and close the case. We once again apologize to the taxi driver and to fans that have been worried about the incident. Thank you.


Recently, news of BTS Jungkook’s being investigated by police regarding a car accident.

Source: mydaily


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