Big Hit Staff Become Furious After US Paparazzi Crashes BTS Photoshoot 

BTS faced the cost of fame in the United States and experienced malicious paparazzi first hand. 

The group was with their Korean and American staff for a private photoshoot which was disrupted a paparazzi for The Hollywood Fix. 

The cameraman kept on catching the attention of the members and even asked them for a possible collaboration with rapper Rice Gum. 

The ambush continued despite attempts by the group’s staff and security to leave… 

BTS’ Korean staff members looked angry for the sudden interruption and confronted the cameraman with slight force. 


Unable to get the footage he wanted, he manipulated nearby fans into saying they were rude for having canceled a fan meet.

Making it appear that BTS had canceled an event at the last minute despite no such event having been publicly confirmed. 

The Hollywood Fix received backlash from fans and removed the clip from their portals, also setting their official Twitter account to private.

Big Hit Entertainment, on the other hand, stopped the shoot and reportedly left for another location. 

Watch the full video that has angered fans and Big Hit staff below: