BIG Naughty Responds To Controversy Stemming From Kiss With Alleged Girlfriend

The rapper was criticized for kissing his alleged girlfriend before performing.

Rapper BIG Naughty (also known as Seo Donghyun) apologized after being criticized for kissing a woman before his performance.

BIG Naughty |

On June 7, the rapper, through a livestream, apologized to fans after being criticized for kissing his alleged girlfriend prior to his performance at a recent festival.

I think I acted carelessly at the Tone And Music Festival. I am sorry.

— BIG Naughty

The rapper further denied allegations that he took his career as a musician lightly and stated that his actions didn’t reflect what he thought of his profession as an artist.

I have never taken my work lightly. Not even once. There is a difference in my actions and my thoughts. It might not please you, but I did it (kissed her) due to my shortcomings. I will live my life while being thankful for the people holding concerts and for those who come to them. I am telling you this because it would be cowardly of me not to say anything.

— BIG Naughty

Previously, the rapper was seen kissing his girlfriend before his performance.

Netizens have since criticized the artist for the kiss. Many felt the rapper should be more professional.

  • “You have live diligently. Everything (popularity) can be gone in a second.”
  • “Is he the best rapper? Or is he freaking amazing at writing songs?”
  • “He did that in front of Sanulim’s Kim Chang Wan? That’s his sunbae. Is he famous or something?”
  • “He must really love his girlfriend, LOL.”
  • “I think rather than being careless, he lacks fundamental (manners). Is he treating a paid performance like a joke or what?”
  • “He’s young and hasn’t been in the industry for long, but he won’t be around much longer if he acts like this. Grow up.”

Meanwhile, BIG Naughty is a Highr Music artist who first gained popularity through his appearance on season 8 of Show Me The Money. The rapper released his debut project, Bucket List, in 2019.

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Source: theqoo