Big Planet Made To Take Strong Legal Action Regarding Malicious Comments

They will take no leniency.

Big Planet Made announced they would take strong legal action against malicious comments. Below is the official statement released online.

Hello, this is Big Planet Made. First, thanks to the fans who send love and support to our artists. To protect the rights and interests of our artists, we would like to inform you about the process of legal action against malicious posts.

We have continuously monitored malicious posts and comments about our artists, including sexual harassment, defamation, personal attacks, insults, spreading false information, malicious slander, and invasion of privacy. We will be taking legal action based on the evidence that we have collected.

Malicious posts beyond the limit are causing deep pain to the artists, their families, and their fans. In response, we will take thorough measures along with regular monitoring and promise that there will be no leniency with malicious posts and comments.

We ask for active reports from fans in the future. We will carefully review and collect the contents if you send evidence related to malicious posts and comments to our email account. We will always do our best to support the healthy activities of our artists. Thank you.

Source: star news