Big Time Rush’s Carlos Low-Key Dissed BTS, But The Other Members Were Not Having It

3/4 of Big Time Rush might be BTS fans. As for that remaining 1, well…

American boy band Big Time Rush is preparing for their latest comeback and recently mentioned some other popular “boy bands” during one of their Instagram Lives.

Formed in 2009, Big Time Rush (also known as BTR) is known for their Nickelodeon television series of the same name, Big Time Rush. The group is comprised of four members: Kendall Schmidt, James Maslow, Logan Henderson, and Carlos PenaVega (also known as Carlos Pena Jr.) Currently, the group is under Columbia Records.

From left: Logan, James, Kendall, and Carlos on the “BTR” album cover. | @bigtimerush/Twitter

During an Instagram Live, a fan asked if they would ever consider collaborating with the Jonas Brothers. While Big Time Rush had their show on Nickelodeon, the Jonas Brothers had a television series on their competitor channel Disney Channel.

From left: Joe, Kevin, and Nick Jonas in “JONAS” | Disney Channel

Kendall said, “Yeah, why not?!” at the question. Meanwhile, the others were a bit more skeptical. Logan said it would be “a lot of voices on the track,” and Carlos agreed, “It would be a lot of dudes on the stage.” But then Logan remembered that the current most popular boy group actually has seven members, so it wouldn’t be too many voices on one song.

Actually, the Jonas Brothers with Big Time Rush would be the same amount of members as BTS… That’s some basic mathematics…

— Logan

| @bigtimerush/Instagram via @aseocheviix/Twitter

Kendall chimed in, saying he had thought there were nine members, but Logan confirmed that it was seven. Carlos was perhaps trying to make Kendall feel better for his mistake but, in the process, revealed how little he knows about BTS.

I don’t even know… I couldn’t name one BTS song… That’s what’s terrible. I have no idea.

— Carlos

| @bigtimerush/Instagram via @aseocheviix/Twitter

James had been sitting quietly, reading comments during this whole conversation when he suddenly spoke up to say,“‘Butter’ is great!” He didn’t say it, but the implications of “How have you not heard of the Billboard Hot 100 chart-topping hit, song-of-the-summer, ‘Butter?'” were definitely there.

| @bigtimerush/Instagram via @aseocheviix/Twitter

Kendall also decided to help Carlos out by singing one of BTS’s other hit songs, “Dynamite.” Carlos did recognize that one and exclaimed, “Oh! ‘Dynamite’ is them?” 

He could have left it at that… But, instead, he confessed in a loud whisper with his hand barely covering his mouth that he thought “that was a girl” singing.

| @bigtimerush/Instagram via @aseocheviix/Twitter

The others looked stunned and, dare we say, horrified at his statement. James gave Carlos an opportunity to redeem himself and said, “It’s so good, right?”


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If Carlos thought he was going to say anything else about BTS’s discography, Logan informed him that their friend, singer-songwriter, and producer, Jenna Andrews, helped write both “Butter” and “Dynamite” as BTS works with Columbia Records for their U.S. distributions.

| @bigtimerush/Instagram via @aseocheviix/Twitter

While the majority of Big Time Rush’s members remained non-problematic and even seemed to be fans of BTS’s music, Carlos’ comments have ARMY less than thrilled.


they really need to let this man go 🧍🏾‍♀️. he really just ruined their whole comeback 😐. #bts #방탄소년단 #bigtimerush #btr #kpop

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You can watch the clip from Big Time Rush’s Instagram Live below:

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