Japanese Fan’s Parody Of BIGBANG At The Airport Goes Viral

“This is so accurate”

A Japanese fan has shared a video that is meant to be a parody of the BIGBANG members at the airport and it has been going viral.

The video, which was shared on February 4, was apparently made for submission to a Japanese program, which will air the clip on their broadcast if it is retweeted a certain amount of times and it has already accumulated nearly 1 million views.


According to fans, the impersonations of the BIGBANG members in the parody are on point. When Taeyang passed by, he smiled at the fans and shook their hand.


Seungri showed up with sunglasses, a hat and a mask looking very busy with his phone as he waved his hand at the fans.


Daesung swiftly walked by and gave a short yet polite bow after he sees the fans.


Wearing a leopard-patterned coat, G-Dragon walked by and shyly greeted his fans as he walked past them.


And finally, T.O.P appeared covering most of his body and walked along briskly, slightly twitching his head.


Not only did the “BIGBANG members” but the “fans” also did an amazing job with the acting in the video and real BIGBANG fans were impressed. Fans have been praising the Japanese creators, claiming that they were very accurate about the reaction of each BIGBANG member.