BIGBANG announces 2015 World Tour

After YG Entertainment confirmed that their next project was indeed male group BIGBANG, the group announced their 2015 World Tour starting with dates in Seoul. 

YG Entertainment released a mysterious poster yesterday, leaving fans confused on what the five dates featured on it could mean. However, fan can breathe a sigh of relief as they won’t have to wait too long for activities from the group.

With their new album confirmed to be coming soon, the group announced that they would be holding a 2015 World Tour with the help of Naver. Starting with two concerts in Seoul, the capital of South Korea, BIGBANG’s tour will definitely be greatly anticipated by fans all over the world.

The two concerts confirmed in Seoul so far are scheduled for April 25th and 26th. Make sure to check out the poster for more details on BIGBANG’s 2015 World Tour!

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