BIGBANG announces new cities for “MADE” tour

More fans will be able to enjoy the greatness of BIGBANG’s live performances as the group has announced more dates and cities for their MADE tour!

Having previously announced many stops across Asia as well as North America, BIGBANG has continued to add additional dates to their tour. In particular, the group will be stopping over in Taiwan, Mexico, and Australia!

The Taiwan stop will have three dates, from September 25th to 27th, scheduled to be held at the Taipei Arena. The group will then hop on over to North America, performing in Mexico City on October 7th, scheduled in between the Anaheim (4th) and Newark (10th – 11th) dates.

After ending the North American part of the tour in Canada on October 13th, BIGBANG will travel to Australia to perform in Sydney on the 17th and in Melbourne on the 21st. They will then kick off their Japan tour in November.

Source: YG Family