BIGBANG attracts nearly 1 million fans in recent “MADE” tour in Japan

As their MADE concert tour nears its end, BIGBANG is revealed to have mobilized nearly a million fans in their Dome tour in Japan. 

On February 25th, BIGBANG wrapped their Japanese tour in success after performing their last two shows on February 23rd and 24th.

As their tour in Japan comes to an end having a total of six performances at Tokyo Dome, BIGBANG managed to attract nearly a million fans (911,000). Furthermore, BIGBANG became one of the first foreign artists to hold a Dome tour for three years in a row, reflecting their strong fan base in the country.

Meanwhile, since kickstarting their tour in South Korea in April last year and touring across the globe, BIGBANG will hold their encore concert on March 4-6.

Source: OSEN