[★TRENDING] BIGBANG banned from SBS “Inkigayo” after G-Dragon and T.O.P fail to appear

Fans and netizens alike are shocked after the media revealed that music show Inkigayo has banned BIGBANG from the show.

Gaining the nickname of YG-Gayo due to SBS and YG Entertainment’s good relationship over the years with SBS showing high favoritism towards YG artists, the recent announcement has stunned many.

The reason for the banning seems to be the following: On May 24, 2015, while all five members of BIGBANG made an appearance to perform the track “LOSER,” which later won #1 at the end of the show, G-Dragon and T.O.P were nowhere to be found during the award segment and winning speech.

According to YG Entertainment, at the time, the two BIGBANG members were not present as they had music video recording schedules to attend.

During the winning speech of the aforementioned episode airing, the three members had even apologized to viewers and fans for G-Dragon and T.O.P’s absence, explaining that because they are shooting for the new music video, they were not present.

Due to this, the staff of Inkigayo has penalized the two members by banning the group from the show.

Fans are unaccepting and furious at the news as they point out the unfairness concerning votes during the past week as well. BIGBANG appeared on the voting charts for Inkigayo over 40 hours too late and due to the one vote per fan rule, VIPs were unable to catch up to other fan groups’ votings. To this, Inkigayo replied that all their charts are updated every Wednesday and nothing was abnormal. Thus, last week’s Inkigayo win went to SHINee’s “View.”

BIGBANG just released their second single [A] in their MADE series project with two more [D] and [E] set to be released in July and August. Many are looking to see how this Inkigayo situation with BIGBANG will be resolved.

Source: Ilgan Sports and OSEN