BIGBANG’s Coachella Comeback Cancelled Along With The Entire Festival For 2020

All eyes are on YG.

As unfortunate as it is, Coachella has officially closed its doors for 2020. The massive music festival that brings in thousands of fans from all over the world had initially postponed its event from April to October due to the coronavirus pandemic.

But as the global crisis continues, it appears that Coachella’s large scale won’t be able to open safely this fall either. Billboard announced that Coachella’s parent company, AEG, announced a massive personnel cutback and the ultimate decision to cancel the music festival.

Instead of a full-blown event, AEG is planning on potentially opening up in 2021 with a smaller scale. AEG’s CEO announced that it will “take time” before the artists, fans, partners, and sponsors of Coachella can come together again.

When we are able to reopen, it will take time until we see our fans, partners and sponsors fully return.

— Dan Beckerman

This unfortunately means that all of the artists who were a part of the lineup will not be a part of the event this year. Mainly, BIGBANG won’t be making their highly-anticipated comeback in 2020. BIGBANG was scheduled to make their first grand return since the members began enlisting in the military 2 years ago.

Their comeback postponement remained indefinite when Coachella first rescheduled from April to October. With Coachella closing its doors for the whole year, all eyes are on YG Entertainment on how they’ll prepare for BIGBANG’s long-awaited comeback.

Will they drop a new album sometime this year? Will they hold a virtual concert instead? The only thing certain is that VIPs have been dying to see them on stage again.

Stay tuned for possible updates.

Source: Billboard and Stereogum