This is what BIGBANG has in common with girl groups

BIGBANG is recognized as one of the most unique male groups of all time, but they share one distinctive trait with girl groups.

As you may have noticed, there is a massive difference in popularity when it comes to girl groups and boy groups. According to the 6th Gaon Chart Awards, girl groups like GFriend and Mamamoo are very successful regarding digital profit. However, for most boy groups, it is the physical album profit that is more popular.

BIGBANG shares the ranking amongst 11 girl groups at the 6th Gaon Chart Awards, becoming the only male group on the charts to fall under the category for digital releases. 

Many fans have been led to speculate as to why this is, considering that both the boy groups and the girl groups in question are equally famous. However, taking the stats and the fandoms into account, one can conclude that the groups are not the reason behind the contrast in profit.

BIGBANG bows to their fans at the end of their World Tour.

The actual reason is the public and the fans. While general fans of the girl groups do listen to the albums, statistics show that they prefer to listen digitally more than physically.

As for male idol groups, most of the fans tend to be female and international. These fans are shown to have a higher tendency to purchase physical copies of the albums.

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For groups like Big Bang, however, the stats are different, and many are shocked that Big Bang falls into the digital category.

The members consider themselves as artists more than idols and target their work towards the general public rather than to the fans who purchase physical albums.

Taking a look at their solo careers outside of their band, many see that some of the members like T.O.P. and G-Dragon have qualities that appeal to the public in areas such as high fashion, art, and international recognition.

Check out some of their achievements below!

Last October, Choi Seung-hyun was the curator for Sotheby’s in Hong Kong, a highly renowned corporation comprised of art brokers across the world.
G-Dragon became an ambassador for Chanel, forming connections with celebrities like Pharell Williams, Kristen Stewart, and even the creator himself, Karl Lagerfeld.

Source: Naver