Besties BIGBANG’s G-Dragon And Actor Lee Soo Hyuk Arrive In Paris Together, Proving Their Legendary Status By Avoiding The Korean Media

The K-media had no idea about the duo’s schedules!

When it comes to one of the most iconic but underrated friendships in the Korean entertainment industry, the bond between BIGBANG‘s G-Dragon and actor Lee Soo Hyuk is definitely at the top.

BIGBANG’s G-Dragon | @xxxibgdrgn/Instagram

Actor Lee Soo Hyuk | @leesoohyuk/Instagram

The two YG Entertainment artists have always been iconic. Over the years, netizens have been treated to some of the most iconic moments between the two. Even in 2022, the friendship is still as strong with them both sharing images of their meetings and basically just being #bestiegoals.

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Well, it seems like the iconic duo is back together, and they’ve gone international.

In a post shared on social media, a user revealed that a netizen had spotted both G-Dragon and Lee Soo Hyuk at the airport heading to Paris, France.

G-Dragon and Lee Soo Hyuk at the airport | @t_o_p_class/Twitter

| @t_o_p_class/Twitter

| @t_o_p_class/Twitter

| @t_o_p_class/Twitter

While netizens loved seeing them together and traveling, what was even funnier was the lack of announcement,

While most Korean stars had left for Paris surrounded by fans and being captured by the media, G-Dragon and Lee Soo Hyuk managed to avoid being caught by the Korean media at all, and a netizen instead posted it.

Although many were sure it was the two Korean stars, it was confirmed when they arrived in Paris. Unlike their departure, both G-Dragon and Lee Soo Hyuk showed off their handsome visuals when arriving at the airport.

While Lee Soo Hyuk took off his mask to reveal his handsome and sharp visuals, G-Dragon took off his hat to reveal his jet-black hair,

In images taken by fans, the two stars looked absolutely dazzling and showcased their immense visuals.

Both Lee Soo Hyuk and G-Dragon later confirmed their arrival in Paris through social media.

| @xxxibgdrgn/Instagram

At first, many wondered why the two idols were departing. Yet, considering the influx of Korean stars heading for Paris Fashion Week, it isn’t hard to guess that the same can be said for G-Dragon and Lee Soo Hyuk, who will most likely be representing the design brand Chanel.

Yet considering the show isn’t until October 4, many believe the bestie duo is also going for personal schedules and to enjoy some time in the city.

Hopefully, with all their time in Paris together, netizens will get even more iconic interactions between the besties. The fact that G-Dragon and Lee Soo Hyuk managed to leave the country without media finding out is such a YG thing to happen and cements their legendary status.

Source: @t_o_p_class

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