Netizens Criticize BIGBANG’s G-Dragon For Apparently Liking A Shipping Video Of Him And BLACKPINK’s Jennie

It isn’t the first time he’s liked a shipping video, either!

Rumors of BIGBANG‘s G-Dragon‘s and BLACKPINK‘s Jennie‘s alleged relationship ending have been going around ever since unconfirmed photos of the girl group member and BTS‘s V were shared online.

Alleged photo of V and Jennie

There hasn’t really been any real confirmation or denial of the rumors, though there have been some speculations that Jennie may have broken things off with the BIGBANG member.

G-Dragon and Jennie

On July 9, G-Dragon was once again being discussed online due to the revelation that he had liked a shipping video of himself and Jennie on a user’s Instagram account. According to the person who wrote an article titled “GD Liked A Video Shipping Him x Jennie LOL,” he liked the video just 17 hours after it was posted.

Instagram account with the shipping video

The post sharing this information has over 150,000 views now.

Screenshots from the shipping video, liked by G-Dragon

Here is the original Instagram post.


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A post shared by @bellidza

This isn’t the first time that G-Dragon has liked a shipping video of himself with a female idol though! He has also done the same for videos of himself shipped with Sandara Park in the past.

Shipping videos that G-Dragon has allegedly liked in the past

Caption: GD also liked a picture of Dara, too. This obsessive man is trying to gain fame with women. Your daughter was probably with him last night, too. Stop giving him attention.

Many of the comments on the post are critical of G-Dragon’s behavior.

  • “I feel bad for Jennie. GD ahjussi needs to quit social media lol Jennie faced backlash because of him.”
  • “Why would he like shipping videos of himself getting together with a female celebrity?”
  • “GD really acting like a random ahjussi now.”
  • “Idk why but he also liked a shipping video of him and Dara.”
G-Dragon and Jennie from “That XX” music video

 The OP has since deleted the post from Instagram.

Source: Pann Nate