BIGBANG’s G-Dragon Gets Bamboozled By A Fan, Showing His True Personality

The confusion went both ways.

Recently, G-Dragon was heading home after an event when he and a fan were both bamboozled by a quick yet hilarious moment.

G-Dragon | @xxxibgdrgn/Instagram

On September 7, a G-Dragon fan posted a video on Twitter, sharing her brief moment of meeting the star. The fan wrote that she saw G-Dragon on his way home after an event.

| @VIPwjsgmltmd/Twitter

In the video, she was walking behind G-Dragon when he suddenly turned around, saw something she was holding, then took it from her hands.


G-Dragon then continued to walk until he ran into someone he knew and stopped to chat with him for a while. While talking, G-Dragon is holding a piece of what appears to be letter paper.


Then he went into his car and left.


From watching just the video, one may assume that G-Dragon accepted the fan’s letter to him on his way to his car. However, the fan’s post on Twitter shared the hilarious backstory behind this moment.

I saw G-Dragon on his way homeㅠㅠㅠ🫶
That was a blank piece of paper but G-Dragon took it thinking it was a letter. Hilariousㅠㅠㅠㅠ

— @VIPwjsgmltmd

It turned out that the fan was holding a blank piece of paper, but G-Dragon took it, thinking it was a fan letter. A close-up shot of the paper in his hand reveals that there was nothing written on that side of the paper.


One can only imagine G-Dragon’s reaction when he got into the car and looked at the paper with nothing written on it.


G-Dragon’s natural fan service as a veteran singer resulted in him taking a blank letter—and fans found it adorable.

Source: @VIPwjsgmltmd/Twitter